We Won't Keep You Waiting for Your Items

We Won't Keep You Waiting for Your Items

Count on us for fast freight delivery and furniture services in Monongahela, & McMurray, PA and beyond

When customers order sofas, tables and other items from your store, they might not realize that their furniture delivery date is contingent on factors like traffic conditions - things that are out of your control. You can avoid customer complaints about shipping delays by relying on a punctual freight delivery service provider.

D&C Courier Services LLC of Monongahela, PA gives retailers peace of mind by delivering items in a timely manner. Call 412-867-5806 now to hire a reputable furniture delivery company.

Pay just $300 a day for a full truckload

You needn't pay a fortune to ship general freight within 200 miles of Monongahela, PA. Take advantage of our freight delivery services if you need to ship...

  • Mail
  • Auto parts
  • Household items

We can also ship glass items if you provide us with the proper equipment.

Not sure if your items qualify as general freight? Reach out now to ask for clarification.